The ultimate receipting tool for Lexis Affinity

An essential tool for saving, emailing and printing custom receipts in Lexis Affinity
*KaiReceipts requires a valid license in order to operate.

Take back control of your Lexis Affinity receipting

KaiReceipts offers a powerful alternative to the built-in Lexis Affinity receipt format.  With KaiReceipts you are no longer limited to the standard Affinity receipt format, saving you money in printing costs and aligning your receipts to your own brand.  KaiReceipts also allows you to print, email and save your receipts in PDF format automatically or in a batch, saving you time and money.

Customisable Receipt Format

The KaiReceipts format is fully customisable.  There is even a built-in report writer to allow you to completely take control of the layout if the standard options don't go far enough.

Multiple Modes

KaiReceipts works the way you work.  Generate receipts one at a time or in a batch.  With KaiReceipts Monitor you can even process your receipt automatically at the time it is created in Affinity, alleviating the need to generate your receipt manually.

Save as PDF

Automatically save your receipts in PDF to the relevant matter or even standard Office / Trust matters, or both at a click of a button.  If you don't use Lexis Affinity document management, KaiReceipts will allow you to save your receipts directly to a folder on your system for storage or manual saving to your own DMS.

Email & Print

Automatically email your receipt in PDF.  KaiReceipts allows you to fully customise the email including custom signatures and customisable recipients.  And if you still require a paper copy, KaiReceipts allows you to easily print the receipt to your default or specific printer.
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Fully customisable receipt layout

The default KaiReceipts receipt layout is a visually pleasing and versatile design that can be customised to match your firm's branding guidelines.

Unlike the standard Lexis Affinity stationery, you are no longer forced to list the receipt items in a separate schedule as all items are listed on a single page.  However an optional schedule is available at a click of a button if required.

KaiReceipts also supports electronic signatures which can easily be disabled if not needed.

Print, Email and Save from the one screen

With KaiReceipts, you can do everything you need when it comes to receipts in the one place.  Choose to print, email and/or save your receipt at the click of a button.

KaiReceipts allows you to print receipts to your default printer or even a specific printer.  In the interests of saving the environment you can also configure KaiReceipts not to print at all unless the user specifically chooses to do so.

When saving receipts, you can save PDF copies of receipts directly to Affinity's document management system or to a system folder for storage or importing into your own DMS.

KaiReceipts email options allow you fully customise the final email along with flexible settings allowing you to specify the recipients and other email handling functions.

All options can be selected or unselected by default.  You can also choose to completely disable the save and/or email functionality if these are not required.
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Batch Mode

KaiReceipts works the way you work.  If needed can choose to process your receipts in batch mode.  This is useful if you are generating multiple receipts or if receipts are only emailed from a single user.

As with single mode, you have full control over which actions to take with each receipt with a simple tick of a box.

KaiReceipts Monitor for automatic receipt processing

Lexis Affinity only wants to print to Lexis Affinity receipts.  Typically if you have a custom receipt you need to turn off receipt printing in Affinity and manually generate your receipt via a precedent or report.

KaiReceipts Monitor is a small application that sits in your Windows task bar which is alerted whenever you create a receipt in Affinity, allowing you to automatically print/email/save the receipt at the same time you create it.
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Take complete control

KaiReceipts is totally customisable allowing you to work the way you work.  In the Settings page you will find options to customise pretty much everything. 

Overkill?  We don't think so.  At Sirokai we believe that software should support your processes, not the other way around.

Built-in Report Designer

KaiReceipts contains many options to allow you to customise the receipt to your exacting requirements.  However if the standard options are not enough, you can modify the receipt even further using the built-in report designer.
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