The all-in-one tool for exporting and sharing documents from Lexis Affinity or FilePro

Directly export documents to eBrief Ready, your file system or Dropbox in native format or PDF.
* Requires a valid license (or evaluation key).

Simplify the process of sharing documents stored on Lexis Affinity or FilePro

KaiExporter allows you to easily export documents saved in your practice management system. 

With close integration with eBrief Ready, the popular electronic brief platform, KaiExporter allows you to directly search, name and upload documents in a simple step-by-step process.

Simple step-by-step Wizard

KaiExporter takes users through an easy to follow step-by-step wizard, allowing them to quickly find the documents they need to share.

Drag and Drop

Selecting a file is as simple as dragging and dropping it to the required folder.  You can also drag multiple files or entire folders at the same time.

Close Integration with eBrief Ready

Sirokai and eBrief Ready have worked closely together to develop seamless integration between the two systems.  Documents can now be easily extracted from Affinity or FilePro and uploaded directly into eBrief Ready with just a few clicks.

Various Output Targets

KaiExporter can also export documents directly into a folder on your file system, named as per the document description in your practice management system or something completely different.  It can also convert the documents to PDF at the same time, saving you time when you need to share files with third parties.

Direct Dropbox Integration*

By installing the KaiExporter File Sharing edition, you can directly upload and share documents to Dropbox.  There are plans for additional file sharing integrations in the future.
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Search for documents within KaiExporter

Search for matters and files without leaving KaiExporter.

Directly integrated with Lexis Affinity and FilePro, KaiExporter simplifies the process of exporting and sharing documents without having to jump through hoops to get there.

Upload documents directly to eBrief Ready

eBrief Ready is a powerful and easy to use system for delivering electronic briefs.  However to date, extracting documents from Lexis Affinity or FilePro for sharing with eBrief Ready has been less than straightforward.

KaiExporter takes the hassle away by leading the user through a simple step-by-step wizard, allowing them to search, name and upload files with a few clicks of a button.
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Export anywhere

Whilst KaiExporter is the perfect companion for any Affinity / FilePro / eBrief Ready customer, it doesn't stop there.  You can use KaiExporter to easily export and PDF documents from Affinity for sharing with anyone.

KaiExporter currently offers direct integration with Dropbox, however by also allowing users to export files directly to a folder on your file system, such as the desktop, you can easily share these with third parties using whatever file sharing system your firm happens to use.  These files can also be converted to PDF at the same time.

There are also plans for developing integration with additional platforms.  Contact Sirokai Solutions to find out more.

Easily name documents before exporting

KaiExporter will automatically name the files based on the description given in your practice management system.  However you can easily change this before exporting to whatever description serves your purpose.

Exporting a document to a particular folder is as simple as drag and drop.  KaiExporter integrates seemlessly with your eBrief Ready or Dropbox folders and even allows you to create new folders with a simple click of a button.
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Fully customisable

Sirokai software always has a strong focus on customisability, and KaiExporter is no exception.  KaiExporter allows you to easily customise and lock down the features available to your users.

Available in two editions

There are two editions of KaiExporter available: Standard Edition and KaiExporter File Sharing Edition.  

The standard version of KaiExporter allows you to export to eBrief Ready and your file system.

KaiExporter File Sharing Edition also includes Dropbox integration, with plans to include additional file sharing platforms in the future.

Both versions cost the same, so when in doubt, download the File Sharing Edition.  You can always disable Dropbox integration via the user settings if required.

Stop wasting time extracting documents the hard way. Get KaiExporter today!