Managing your clauses has never been easier

A simple to use and maintain clause library available for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Simple but effective

KaiClauses (formerly Sirokai Clauses) is a Word/Outlook 2007+ add-in which allows you to store and manage your firm's library of commonly used clauses.

Each clause is stored as a file on your network. All you need to do is tell KaiClauses where the folders containing the clauses are and it does the rest.

Main Features - Word and Outlook

Check out the features which you will find in both the Word and Outlook versions of KaiClauses.

Clause Preview

View the clause to ensure it is the one you need before inserting it into your document


Select as many clauses as you need at the same time.  The order of the clauses can be changed at any time

Drafting Notes

Drafting notes can be stored with any clause, making it easier to communicate the correct use of each clause with your staff.

Rename Clauses

KaiClauses displays the clause by its file name, however if you need a more user-friendly name, you can rename the clause to whatever you like without touching the actual file.

Outlook-only Features

Since you are not always working with Word documents when sending emails, KaiClauses for Outlook offers additional functionality to make it easier than ever to send standard emails and attachments.

PDF Preview

KaiClauses for Outlook extends the clause preview window to PDF documents as well.

Attachment packages

Create packages of attachments to be included within standard emails. For example your standard marketing information when sending welcome emails to new clients.

Clauses as Text

Choose to insert clauses as the email body (Word and text documents only) or as an attachment.