KaiToolsTM for Word

The perfect companion for any busy law firm

A collection of essential tools and time-saving utilities built right into Microsoft Word.

Get the most out of your most used application

Kaitools is the culmination of over 20 years experience in the legal industry, bringing together a collection of commonly requested tools and features from our clients into one simple yet powerful Word add-in.

Reduce Risk

Use Kaitools' document integrity and security features to ensure you are in total control of the data that leaves your firm.

Electronic Documents

These days most documents are sent electronically.  Cut the reliance of past paper-driven practices by making your document electronic-ready at a click of a button.

Security Focused

Security is at the heart of Kaitools allowing you to control which staff have access to each feature.

sirokai clauses

Sirokai Clauses for KaiTools

Build your own custom clause library.

Built on the standalone Sirokai Clauses add-in, Sirokai Clauses for KaiTools takes this essential tool to the next level.

Clause Library

Much of a firm's knowledge is built into its precedents and clauses.  Give your users easy access to all your clauses, without leaving the document.

Live Preview

Quickly see the contents of a clause just by clicking on it.

Drafting Notes

Each clause has a purpose.  Include drafting notes with each clause to help your staff pick the right clause for the job.

Fillable Fields

Sirokai Clauses for KaiTools allows you to configure clauses which require information from the user.  Avoid old fashioned stop codes which can be easily missed.

Electronic Documents

To meet your clients' increasing demands and expectations, these days most documents are shared electronically.  If you are printing and scanning your documents then you are probably using outdated practices.

Electronic Signatures

Quickly insert electronic signatures into your documents using KaiTools' completely secure signature inserter.  KaiTools gives you complete control around which staff has access to each signature.

Electronic Letterhead

Insert your electronic letterhead into your documents at a click of a button.  KaiTools allows you to have as many letterheads as you need.

Convert to Email

Do you have a document which you just want to send as an email instead?  Now you can do this with a single click of a button.  You can also pre-populate the email address and subject fields.
iphone white
iphone white

Document Integrity and Security

In today's fast paced world, mistakes are easy to make and can be very costly to your firm, not only in financial terms but to the prestige of your brand.  Use KaiTools' document integrity tools to ensure you know exactly what is leaving your firm.

Cross-Reference Checker

Broken cross-references can be hard to find in long and complex documents.  Ensure all references are correct at the click of a button.

Hidden Text Finder

Quickly finds any hidden text that may be lurking in your document.  Don't rely on your user's Word options being correctly configured to alert them to fact there is unseen data in your document which you may not want to share.

Remove Personal Information

Quickly strips out any potentially confidential or personally identifiable information from your Word documents before sharing them.  This includes comments, document properties as well as hidden metadata which Word stores whenever a document is created and saved.

Tracked Changes Authors

KaiTools gives you the ability to take control of tracked changes by allowing you to alter the authors of the document.  Combine paralegal and lawyer changes together or show all comments as "Your Law Firm".

and more...

KaiTools ensures that you get the job done as quickly and easily as possible allowing you to concentrate on what is really important.

Execution Clauses

Insert your own execution clauses and signing lines without a single line of code


The KaiTools Calculator gives you a handy calculator right inside word.  You can even add all the table cells in your selection with a single click.


Easily create and share custom watermarks using the simple watermark designer.

Document Exporter

Export documents for discovery.  Export an entire folder structure in their original file type or as PDF.


Customise the look of KaiTools with a selection of built-in themes

Precedent Developer Tools

KaiTools includes a selection of handy tools for Precedent Developers include assistants to insert stop codes, merge fields, optional text as well as a random text generator.

Customisable Shortcut Keys

Easily assign shortcut keys to any KaiTools feature.

User Profiles

With KaiTools you are in control.  User profiles allow you to control which staff have access to each feature.

Quick Access Toolbar Compatible

KaiTools is compatible with Word's Quick Access toolbar, meaning any KaiTools feature can be accessible with a single click of a button.